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Together We Are Better - Looking Ahead to 2021

Solid waste volume improvements and increased recovered commodity values drove better than expected results in Q3 of 2020. President and CEO, Worthing F. Jackman, notes that "a healthy M&A acquisition pace continues to increase and the dialogue is as active as we have seen years.” He also mentioned that the company has already signed and closed 16 acquisitions with $135 million in annualized revenue. He also believes that the company could head into 2021 with 2% top line growth already in hand from M&A.

With increased focus on exceeding forecasts in '21, Waste Connections has also invested in a platform to future-proof their web ecosystem. This partnership unites best in class SEO practices that will maximize marketing campaign effectiveness and customer experience while minimizing expenditures through improved ​ agility and world-class speed. ​